Fifty One is a brand built for the people, you are our foundation. Specifically, people who know struggle but aren't giving up, people who are fighters, and the people who had to find their own way. This brand is dedicated to YOU.

Whether that be the single mother working three jobs while she's still in college, the outstanding father who is hustling to make ends meet for his children, or the young fella that refuses to abandon his search even though he feels alone because he doesn't have a mentor or a family. My heart has a special place reserved for good-hearted people who are battling despite unfortunate circumstances; I relate and feel you because I know what it feels like and have been there too.

As the owner of this company, I chose the name "Fifty One" for a very specific reason. The reason is, 51% of profits will be used for community work to bridge the gap between struggle and accomplishment for these types of people in the future. The name Fifty One ultimately represents YOU.

When you choose to support Fifty One and our mission, I want you to know that not only will you have an exquisite timepiece on your wrist, but more importantly when you glance down at your wrist, I want your timepiece to serve as a reminder for you to embrace the process, a reminder to keep going no matter how hard life may seem, and a reminder to allow the hard times to launch you into something greater.

Gods got you, trust Him. Romans 8:28


With Love,

Founder, Braden Garrett